2018-07-23 What's next for Premier Foods as boss Darby clings on after a bun fight?

2018-07-18 Gavin Darby has survived Premier AGM vote but he must do better – and fast

2018-07-18 Winning Battle of Bisto won't save Premier Foods boss Darby

2018-07-18 Mr Kipling owner in a sticky situation

2018-07-18 Mr Kipling boss Gavin Darby survives coup by hedge funds as he's saved by the firm's biggest shareholder

2018-07-18 Premier Foods chief narrowly survives AGM ouster attempt

2018-07-18 Backing the Premier?

2018-07-18 Premier Foods chief Gavin Darby only just survives bid to topple him

2018-07-18 Premier Foods boss narrowly avoids being ousted by major revolt

2018-07-18 No piece of cake: Premier Foods CEO scrapes through re-election

2018-07-16 Premier and Oasis line up for a food fight

2018-07-14 Paxo boss given a good stuffing by critics

2018-07-10 For starters

2018-07-10 Pressure grows on Premier Foods boss as activist investor builds stake

2018-07-10 'Confident' Premier Foods activist Oasis doubles down in bid to oust boss

2018-07-10 Oasis gobbles up bigger slice of Mr Kipling cake maker

2018-07-10 Activist shareholder urges Nissin Foods to join struggle (Japanese only)

2018-07-09 Activist Paulson beats drum for Premier Foods management change

2018-07-09 Paulson triples stake in Premier Foods as AGM showdown approaches

2018-07-09 Disquiet grows among Premier Foods investors

2018-07-08 Wall Street hedge fund wades into Premier Foods row to oust CEO

2018-07-08 Premier Foods CEO could be forced out by shareholder revolt

2018-07-08 Activist investors pose rare challenge to UK directors

2018-07-07 Nowhere to run: Premier Foods boss could be forced out as Hong Kong hedge fund tells shareholders that 'enough is enough'

2018-07-07 Shareholders back calls for Premier Foods chief to go

2018-07-06 Scrutiny will only intensify even if Premier CEO gets re-elected

2018-07-05 Oasis stirs Premier Foods row with Batchelors soup sale demand

2018-07-05 Dessert Storm II: Fresh bust-up as Mr Kipling owner is told to get rid of Batchelors soup so it can free-up cash

2018-07-05 Who will win 'dessert storm' at Premier Foods?

2018-07-04 Activist investor urges Premier Foods' largest investor not to vote on Darby future

2018-07-04 Activist investor urges Nissin to abstain from Premier Foods CEO vote

2018-07-03 Premier Foods: undercooked

2018-07-03 Siren song of Oasis needs to be heard

2018-07-03 Activist stirs pot with pension move

2018-07-02 Mr. Kipling in Zombie Mode

2018-07-02 Activist fund Oasis has candidates to replace Premier Foods top boss

2018-07-02 Activist has candidates hungry for Mr Kipling role as it seeks chief’s removal

2018-07-02 Premier Foods repeats support for CEO in face of hedge fund pressure

2018-07-02 Premier Foods board hits back at Oasis's attempts to oust chief executive saying activist investor offers 'no constructive solution'

2018-07-01 Trustees of Premier Foods’ pension scheme accuse activist investor of trying to ‘destabilise’ firm as it attempts to oust chief executive

2018-07-01 Premier Foods' pension trustees back boss in face of shareholder revolt

2018-07-01 Bisto Maker: We Will Sort Out Problems

2018-06-30 No end to Premier Foods saga

2018-06-30 Pensioners exceedingly angry over Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods

2018-06-30 Premier Food chief’s ‘Ratner moment’ leaves a bad taste

2018-06-29 Oasis raises heat on Britain's Premier Foods over 'weak' brands

2018-06-29 Premier Foods activist Oasis urges Nissin to not support CEO at AGM

2018-06-28 Premier issue

2018-06-28 Premier’s Darby & Joan

2018-06-27 Struggles of Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods leave a bad taste

2018-06-26 Japan giant Nissin dragged into row over the future of Premier Foods CEO

2018-06-25 Mr. Kipling Meets his Exceedingly Activist Nemesis

2018-06-24 Premier Foods ‘driven into a zombie state’ by its boss Gavin Darby

2018-06-24 Premier Foods investor ratchets up pressure to oust chief

2018-06-24 Boss of Mr Kipling cake maker Premier Foods faces calls to quit from its biggest investor - which has accused him of wrecking business

2018-06-24 Oasis fund urges Nissin Foods to oppose reappointment of Premier Foods CEO

2018-06-24 Second-largest investor in Premier Foods lashes out at chief executive over ‘five years of failure’

2018-06-24 Premier Foods investor calls for immediate removal of CEO

2018-06-24 Who is the villain at Mr Kipling?

2018-06-24 Activist investor Oasis’s ‘zombie’ attack on Mr Kipling boss Gavin Darby

2018-06-23 An exceedingly bitter battle over the top job at Mr Kipling firm, as investors call for a new boss

2018-06-23 Premier Foods — not even second class

2018-06-22 Premier Foods’ second-largest shareholder plans to vote against CEO re-election